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Munitions – Additional Ammo

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March 20, 2023

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20 Mar 23, 11:51 pm



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Munitions: Additional Ammo is a lore-friendly and modular ammunition expansion project that adds even more calibers to Munitions. Players are given free control over what they do or don't want added to their game. This mod is not affiliated with codeblackcrash more than him helping me with some scripts. Get to sweeping!

The Why

Let me start by saying I love Munitions. I used to use Caliber Complex, and I despised the fact that 50% of the ammos were not used by any mods, yet they were all dumped into the leveled lists. It made it so hard to find ammo that I actually wanted and could use. Then I found out about Munitions. A mod that adds new ammos I want, but not the ones I don't? Sign me up! And I have never regretted it since. However, some players out there, myself included, value realistic ammos, more ammos, or some combination of the two. So I set out to make a mod with the variety of a mod like Caliber Complex, but the player choice of Munitions.

The How

If you use Munitions, which I assume you do, as it is a HARD requirement, you should be familiar with how this works.

  • Players have control over which ammo types are added to their game. This means that you won't see ammo in the world that you can't use unless you manually inject an ammo type into the game using the included holotape.
  • A narrow focus on balance and consistency with the vanilla game. This is not an overhaul of how ammunition or ballistics work in the game. All it does is add brand new ammo types.
  • Custom assets are being made and improved as I go along
  • Fan Interaction. I have a google form you can fill out HERE if there is a specific ammo type that you would like to see added.
  • I will try to add as many ammos as y'all request, but please refrain from adding ammos that are already in the roadmap, which is in the photos, and also HERE.

The holotape can be used to inject all of the ammo types, though mod authors can also use the mod author resources to add the types automatically.

The Ammos

The list(s) below shows each new ammo type that Munitions: Additional Ammo offers along with the level that they'll inject themselves into the game. Once added to your game, they will appear in similar areas and quantities as vanilla ammo. This includes full support for the Scrounger perk.

These ammos have been given new names that fit better in a Fallout environment. The actual caliber is first, followed by the caliber's in game name.

These ammos might show up earlier than they are stated to, that is simply part of the way the game's leveled lists work.

The Soviet Pack

  • 9x39mm - 9mm Subsonic: Starts appearing at level 20. Now with custom assets!
  • 9x18mm - 9mm Soviet: Starts appearing at level 3. Now with custom assets!
  • 7.62x54mmR - 7.62mm Rimmed: Starts appearing at level 16. Now with custom assets!

The Cowboy Pack 

  • .30-30 Winchester - .30-30: Starts appearing at level 5.
  • .45 Long Colt - .45 Long: Starts appearing at level 8.
  • 6.5x52mm Carcano - 6.5mm Italian: Starts appearing at level 14

How to Use

Once you start the mod for the first time, a holotape called MAA Configuration will appear in your inventory.

You can use this to either add a MAA ammo type into your game or you can check to see if any were automatically added (such as a weapon mod that uses MAA). Please note that Munitions, and by proxy my mod, uses scripted leveled list injection to add ammo types into the game. Once an ammo type is injected into leveled lists, it cannot be reverted.

That's it! It's that simple. You'll see the ammo appear throughout the world on enemies, loot, and at vendors. Non-explosive ammo types are fully integrated with the Scrounger perk as well, if you've taken that perk.

If you are a mod author wanting to use Munitions for your projects, please see the Articles section at the Munitions page for a step-by-step guide to correctly any mod to work with Munitions.


Only the base game and Munitions.


Install using a mod manager such as MO2 or Vortex. The installation wizard will walk you through the process.

This mod is offered as an esl flagged esp

If you are using Leveled Item Framework (which you should be, as it is a fantastic bug-fixing and consistency mod), Munitions should be loaded right after it, and my mod after that

This mod should be loaded before any weapons and the patches you have for them

Known Issues
None that I am aware of at the moment.

You can reach out via the Posts tab if you encounter any bugs or issues. Please make sure to provide your load order and a list of steps to replicate the issue, however.



Present in the mod photos, as well as on the Nexus page.


Credits & Thanks
I absolutely could not have done this project all on my own. I'm thankful to have so many talented folks who have pitched in ideas, assets, or just bounced ideas around with me. Please take a few minutes and give kudos to the following authors for all of their help!

  • Gek2Win - Suggestions and support
  • jkruse05 - Being an all around awesome guy with the support
  • kinggath - Bethesda Mod School tutorial series (go check these out if you haven't, they're excellent)
  • OpheliaNeoma - Ideas and suggestions
  • TargetedFox - Support and dealing with the insane testing

Finally, last, and certainly not least

codeblackcrash- for creating Munitions, helping me with this mod, and being an amazing human being. Sweep on my man!

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