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Worsin’s Ultimate Night Vision (WUNV)

Creation Date

April 17, 2024

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17 Apr 24, 4:50 pm



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Worsin's Ultimate Night Vision (WUNV)

Full Support for Vanilla and Darker Nights

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Worsin's Ultimate Night Vision has been designed around 2 key concepts. Maximum Compatibility and Maximum Viability. The goal with WUNV is not to provide a mod where every single setting will work with every single mod setup. The goal is to provide every single mod setup with a viable and working NV system that can be used with every piece of PA or Armor (modded or vanilla) without the need for a patch...although there are some available.

Simply craft the Implant in the Chemistry Workbench and Equip it. That's all!!! Overlay settings can be changed in the MCM Menu or the Settings Holotape. (Craft the Holotape in the Chemistry Workbench)


  • Added UNIVERSAL SENSORS (New in 2.0)
  • Added Settings Holotape (New in 2.0)
  • Removed AWKCR as a requirement (New in 2.0)
  • See Changelog for additional info (New in 2.0)
  • Usable in Power Armor or Regular Armor
  • 5 Night Vision Colors (with Hotkey)
  • Wide Selection of Enemy/Corpse/Friend Overlay Sensors in 2 versions (Thermal and Outline)
  • Separate Overlay Sensors for Day and Night Modes (with Hotkey)
  • 4 Brightness Levels for each color (with Hotkey)
  • 2 Brightness Modes for Vanilla and Darker Nights mods (Switchable in game) (with Hotkey)
  • MCM Menu Support for Hotkeys and Settings
  • Craftable (Consumables) Hotkeys for use with FO4 Hotkeys or the Vanilla hotkey system
  • Custom Sound Effects
  • Auto Disable Friendly Highlights when in Dialogue
  • Night Vision settings carry over from Armor to PA and back
  • Night Vision settings all save with your game.
  • Craftable NV item in game and usable with all modded armors
  • 100% compatibility with every mod
  • Addon Patches for various armor available but not required


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